Local Attractions

The VENUE Conference Centre is situated in an ideal location within the Illawarra region within reach many of Wollongong's most popular tourist destinations. Our favourite sites to visit are all within an hours drive, listed below as follows:


Jamberoo Action Park - Jamberoo

Come control the action at NSW’s biggest fun park! Whether it’s thrills, spills or just a great day out with family or friends, Jamberoo has all the rides and relaxation you can handle! Can you do it all in one day?

(Located 45 mins south of The VENUE)

seacliff bridge shot.jpg

Sea Cliff Bridge - Stanwell Park

Cyclists, walkers and even those after a scenic drive will love the Sea Cliff birdge, one of the most stunning vistas Wollongong has to offer. Just under 1km in length the bridge is perfect for a sunny day.

(Located 20 mins north of The VENUE)



Minnamurra Rainforest - Minnamurra

The ‘Rainforest Loop Walk’ is a 1.6km elevated timber boardwalk which meanders through the subtropical and temperate rainforests. Visitors should allow approximately 1 hour to complete this walk. There is also the Falls Walk (a 2.6km track) that takes you past some breathtaking locations.

(Located 45 mins south of The VENUE)


Mt Keira Ring Track - Wollongong

The Mt. Keira Ring Track provides walkers with a moderate 5.5km (3-5 hour) round trip that can be commenced from the summit of Mt. Keira or from the base of the mountain, Byarong Park. The track takes you through sections of rainforest, showing off the local wildlife (such as Wallabies, Lyrbirds and many other species of birds). With multiple trails in one location, it provides the perfect setting for a day of bush-walking in idyllic surroundings.


Skydive Sydney Wollongong - North Wollongong

Skydivers start in the CBD of Sydney but land in the gorgeous shores of the North Wollongong beaches. For those opting to stay in Wollongong to explore the luxurious beaches are only seven minutes from The VENUE.

(Located 7 mins south of The VENUE).


The Beaches of Wollongong

With 17 beaches scattered along the shores of Wollongong, you are never at a loss for a new place to relax.Whether you are a surfer or swimmer, sun-bather or casual fisher, Wollongong beaches provide everything you could possibly need.


Ultimate Skirmish Game - Helensburgh

Skirmish, or Paintball as it is known, is the fastest action packed adult adventure sport in the world. It is for people from all walks of life over the age of 16 years. A combination of childhood "cops and robbers", "cowboys and Indians" and "hide and seek", skirmish is much more sophisticated and certainly more challenging.

(Located 25 mins north of The VENUE)


Sublime Point Lookout

Journey up the famous ladders of Sublime Point for the truly breathtaking views of Wollongong from the top of the escarpment. The combination of the great outdoors, getting moving, the stunning vistas and the cafes and picnic facilities at the top are perfect for large group activities, personal exercise or a walk up with friends or family.

(Located 10 mins north of The VENUE)